The partnership with IULIUS MALL represents the first green certification of a shopping mall network deployed by Colliers International in Romania and one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe.

The four IULIUS shopping centres have a total leasable area of more than 190,000 sqm, housing nearly 900 stores and attracting over 40 million visitors annually. IULIUS GROUP is the largest developer and operator of shopping malls in Romania and owns, in addition to the four malls under the IULIUS brand, the PALAS urban ensemble of buildings, which is the largest real estate investment outside the capital.

The company recently became a member of the US Green Building Council (2012) and of the Romanian Green Building Council (2013). The commitment towards the green building standards are proof of the company’s concern for the environment and social responsibility, through the increase of energy efficiency, improvement of thermal comfort and natural lighting, aimed at creating a healthy environment for the clients and partners of IULIUS MALL.

Colliers International is one of the first real estate companies in Romania with accredited professionals to offer green certification advisory services, following the launch of its dedicated service in 2011. Colliers offers consultancy for LEED and BREEAM certifications for existing buildings, with the purpose of improving their performance and sustainability, as well as for new developments. At present, Colliers assists 13 projects in Romania and over 20 projects throughout Central and Eastern Europe in obtaining the Green Certification.


“IULIUS MALL blazes a trail in Romania through its decision to align its shopping centre network to the international standards of sustainability. The initiative of Iulius Group, given its position as the country’s largest developer of shopping malls, represents a vote of confidence for green development and the multitude of advantages it offers on the medium and long term, for both tenants and owners,” said Stefania Baldovinescu, director of the Property Management Department in Colliers International Romania. (source: