Ion Catutoiu , founder of RealTime, took over the position of country manager of the Romanian branch, assuming the company’s expansion plans for the development of medium residential projects, as well as for commercial acquisitions.

With this movement, the group says it intends to value intensively the development opportunities identified in Romania, especially as “the market niches which operate are situated in an ascending trend.”   Currently, on the residential segment, Volumetric has in the project Ficusului Rezidential,an exclusivist condominium situated near Herastrau Park.


Dan Flesariu, former head of Volumetric Romania, left the company in the end of last year. Cristina Rosca will occupy the position of general manager of RealTime, following the appointment of Ion Catutoiu as head of Volumetric Romania.


Volumetric also owns in its portfolio lands for residential and commercial developments in Bucharest, Brasov and Pitesti. Grup Volumetric is a company with the headquarters in Barcelona, having subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary and Romania. (source: