Bucharest Stock Exchange organizes first Investors' Forum in Bucharest, the event targets both novice and experienced investors by creating specific parallel sessions.


Event’s agenda

The first part of the event will be focused on identifying investment needs and objectives of the participants and will detail the investment options available today, there will be interactive sessions, debates and presentations.


The second part of the event is made of two different sessions:

- For those who have beginner’s level of knowledge about investment - detailed information about managing personal finances and investments in stock market

- For investors who have trading experience - workshops, case studies and analysis methods of the companies traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


Participation in the forum is free, subject to registration on www.bvb.ro/forum.

The first 50 participants who register will receive a special gift from the Bucharest Stock Exchange.


The event will be held in Romanian, translation being available, if exposé in English.


Location: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) Business Centre, 2 Octavian Goga Avenue, Bucharest.