“There are not many industrial developments ongoing. The important players on this market applied in 2013 a safety policy, and the number of the speculative constructions was insignificant. Here we can include ongoing developments such as Graells&Llonch in Turda, company developing an industrial park on 200,000 sq. m and VGP Group in Timisoara, working for the expansion of 7,500 sq. m of an existing industrial location”, has declared Madalin Aresmeritoaie, associate within the industrial department of Activ Property Services.

“The main trend for this year on the real estate industrial market is represented by the renegotiations for the existing locations. The relocations and the new spaces rentals were more active only on specific segments and zones n Romania, such as Timisoara. This year were registered approx. 150,000 sq. m transactions, brokered or direct, resulting in a growth of the transactions level”, Madalin Aresmeritoaie added.

Moreover, according to the representative of Activ Property Services, the cities with the most intense industrial activity this year were Timisoara, Ploiesti, Brasov and Bucuresti.  The West is a zone more and more attractive for the potential investments, due to the existing or in construction infrastructure and to the qualified labour, as well as to the rents level and wages, a bit lower than in Bucharest area.

Talking about the most important markets in Romania regarding industrial real estate, Madalin Aresmeritoaie detailed:  “The existing information leads to the conclusion that the most important market in Romania on the industrial segment is Bucharest, with approx. 35-40% share of the total transactions number, followed by Timisoara with approx. 25% but a growing potential in the following period. The rest is shared between Cluj, Ploiesti and Brasov”.

Regarding the request and offer on the industrial real estate market an increasing request is registered on the automotive segment but also on the general production, as well as an absence of the premium spaces, more and more limited as number and area.

 “In the next period we can speak about an increase of the number of the new constructions, necessary to cover this request”, has mentioned Madalin Aresmeritoaie.

The most active fields on industrial real estate rental market are: automotive, packaging, logistics, medical.

The most important transactions registered this year were: AB Electronics in Olympian Industrial Park, with 11,000 sq. m, Heraeus in Incontro Industrial Park, with 10,000 sq. m, Quehenberger in VGP Industrial Park, with 3,000 sq. m , Autocom Amicii in Raumond Industrial Park, with 4,000 sq. m.

According to the analysts within Activ Property Services, the rent could increase, and the vacancy rate could decrease: “The rent for the industrial facilities in the next period could have a slightly ascending trend due to the growing request and the existing absence of spaces. The vacancy rate in Romania situates at 12-14%, with certain decreasing signs. The prime yields situates at 10.50, considering the absence of the investment transactions”, Aresmeritoaie said.


Moreover, there is different information on the market, as well as discussions about the beginning of new projects, nearing concretization.  “Probably 2014 is a year when the developers would start certain new projects, based on request, significantly growing.”, concluded the representative of Activ Property Services. (source: dailybusiness.ro)