„The development plan for the next five years is heading two directions: the liquification of existing assets, especially of the lands situated outside Bucharest, after a minimum investment in urban plans and utility networks securing, and the construction of apartments in Greenfield complex situated near Baneasa forest, totalizing 105,000 sq m built area, from which the first phase will start in November 2013 with a project on 6,400 sq m”, said Claudiu Mateescu, general manager of Impact Developer&Contractor.  

In order to secure the financing for the development plan, Impact intends to complete by the end of 2013 the prospect for issuing shares of 100 million lei, approved by the shareholders assembly in September 2013.

Impact Developer & Contractor SA, founded in 1991 through public subscription, is listed at the Bucharest stock Exchange. The company, which launched the concept of “residential complex” in Romania, has developed by present 16 residential areas in 5 cities, for the benefit of over 2,000 families. Impact’s portfolio also includes 25,000 sq m office and retail area, as well as property management services.


Greenfield includes by now five residential complexes. (source: dailybusiness.ro)