The company has registered in the period above mentioned total revenues from rents of EUR 156.7 million, in all its countries, compared to EUR 155.7 million in the period May-December 2015.

Immofinanz’s properties in Romania represent21.1 pct. of the total company’s portfolio, excluding assets from Russia.
 ”The 73 properties (17 completed investments, three ongoing projects, nine additional real estate projects and 44 projects in study) have a value of EUR 843.2 million”, shows the report issued by Immofinanz. 

The real estimated value after completion of projects currently in development of the group in Romania reaches EUR 71.2 million.

During short fiscal year 2016, the occupancy rate of the Romanian portfolio has significantly increased, up to 95.8 pct., from 90.4 pct. at 30th of April 2016. The group’s main markets include Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

Austrian real estate developer group’s active office real estate companies in Romania include: Bucharest Corporate Center (BCC) SRL, Cora GS SRL, Capri Trade SRL, Global Trust SRL, S-Park Offices SRL, Italian-Romanian Industrial Development Enterprise - IRIDE SA, Immoeast Băneasa Airport Tower SRL and Băneasa 6981 SRL. (source: