The EUR 635.7 million investment portfolio is divided into 9 office buildings (14.2% of the total office portfolio) and 6 retail properties (21.5% of the total retail portfolio). 

In the financial year 2018, income from rents in Romania reached 48.2 million euros, equivalent to 20.3% of the total income from rents of the Immofinanz group.

At the group’s level, Immofinanz ended the year 2018 with a net profit of 217.5 million euros. The real estate portfolio of the group includes 226 properties, with a value of 4.3 billion euros, according to the developer.

"We have a clearly defined portfolio with a record 95.8% occupancy rate, which has made our business even more efficient. Our balance sheet is robust, with a comfortable buffer of liquidity and a relatively low debt level. The previous financial year made Immofinanz a stronger player in the European commercial real estate market", said Oliver Schumy, Immofinanz CEO. (source: