The new service allows the 15,000 employees to save over 30 hours monthly of their free time, according to some calculations made by the partner company, while TimePal takes care of services such as shopping, services, dry-cleaning, car maintenance, gift orders, flowers orders, relaxation or therapy massage.


The suppliers include brands such as Metro, Holland Flower Traiding, Maison Armand, Active Life, Napoca Raly Academy, Bio Logistic, Badsi Service, BSS Company, Crisbi Clean,  and the prices are in line with the market, without any additional tax or quantity restrictions.


Each office property has a concierge area in reception, where TimePal s asked by the employees.


Concerning the company’s development plans, they say they do not have construction projects scheduled for the next period, but they will keep investing in the technical improvement and maintenance of the current group standards.


Immofinanz owns nine properties in the office sector with a total rentable area of more than 200,000 sq. m and an approx. value of EUR 350 million as in January 2014. (source: