The reorientation from the retail development, as a specialized division of the Auchan group, to mixed-function projects, is marked by changing the company's name to Ceetrus.
 In August, the construction of the mixed project in Satu Mare, which aims at expanding the Auchan shopping center with a shopping gallery with the area of 10,000 square meters, and the construction of a residential complex with about 300 apartments will begin.

In Bucharest, Ceetrus is currently analyzing two land plots, also for the development of mixed-function projects. The largest of these could be the creation of a large number of offices, to which a dwelling area with retail space on the ground floor of buildings will be added on a plot of over 10 hectares.
At the same time, the developer analyzes other land in Cluj, Sibiu and Craiova, also for mixed projects. The most advanced negotiations are for the land in Cluj, with an area of up to 12 hectares, on which a project with a main component of office space would be developed.
 "I am proud of our new brand because it defines us perfectly and because it reflects our ambitions. For us it is more than an identity change, it is a change of profession. We want to be more than just a developer - a societal urban planner who contributes to the development of Romanian communities and cities! ", says Tatian Diaconu, CEO of Ceetrus Romania. (source: