At the opposite end of the spectrum, the average net wage in the Harghita county will only be RON 1,317 (EUR 291).


Following the Ilfov county is Cluj with an increase of 7.8 percent from last year that puts the average net wage at RON 2,166 (EUR ), followed by Timis with RON 2,136 (EUR 472) representing a 7.5 percent increase and Arges with RON 2,050 (EUR 453) and a 7.3 percent increase round up the top 5 counties with the highest net wages, states Gandul.


At the opposite end, the top 5 counties with the lowest net wages are the Harghita county with RON 1,317 (EUR 291), Covasna county with RON 1,456 (EUR 322), Bistrita-Nasaud with RON 1,472 (EUR ) and Bihor with RON 1,490 (EUR 329), reports Gandul.


Bucharest remains the Romanian city with the highest net wages in 2016, says Gandul, with this year’s average net wage being predicted to be RON 2,813 (EUR 622). The city also boasts the highest percentage of employees out of the active population, states Gandul. When it comes to the number of employees related to the active population, Bucharest is also in the lead with the estimated number of employees for 2016 being 865,600, representing 78 percent of the active population, according to Gandul.


As for the county level, Brasov county ranks highest with 67 percent of the active population being estimated to be employed in 2016 (169,800 employees), Sibiu and Ilfov county with 66,6 and 66,7 percent, meaning 127,800 and 115,500 employees, respectively, and Timis with its 223,600 wage earners representing 65 percent of the active population, says Gandul.


The counties with the least amount of employees related to the total active population are Teleorman (32.6 percent), Botosani (34.3 percent), Vaslui (34.6 percent), Giurgiu (35.4 percent) and Vrancea (36.3 percent), states Gandul. (source: