The store, to be located on the Theodor Pallady boulevard, will be the largest in the region. “We are on the right track with the second store, close to obtaining the planning permission and then we can apply for the planning permission, which will bring us to a set opening day. Right now, we can estimate that we will open the second store at the end of 2018,” Stefan Vanoverbeke, Country Retail Manager Ikea South East Europe.

By 2020 Ikea is planning to open three additional stores in Timisoara, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. “Timisoara, Brasov and Cluj are the next three cities where opening new stores is a priority for Ikea South East Europe. The Property&Expansion team is involved in a process of looking for land that can offer the features required for a new store, such as: access to means of transport and a good road infrastructure and a good location, close to the city. On the long term, the Ikea South East regional organization is close to reaching the expansion plans and open 13 stores in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia by 2025. In Romania we see a potential for 9 stores (including the Baneasa store),” Stefan Vanoverbeke said.

“We will adapt the stores to the city, to the number of potential visitors, of sales. In choosing cities, we are looking at the market’s potential, its purchasing power,” Vanoverbeke said. He named Constanta and Iasi as the potential locations for Ikea’s next two stores. (Source: