This is the third project of the Belgians that faces insolvency in the last two months, after Electroputere Park Craiova and Promenada Focşani.

The Court has appointed the company Gama Insolv IPURL as judicial administrator.

The deadline for the registration of the request of the claims admission is 1st of August 2013, the deadline for claims verification and communication of the preliminary list of claims is 5th of September, while the deadline for the final claims list is 20th of September. The following term for the continuation of the procedure was established for 9th of October 2013.

Bel Rom invested EUR 60 million in the retail park in Bacau, and the built area is 51,100 sqm. Among tenants, there are Real hypermarket, Baumax, Altex and Staer. At the end of 2011, Bel Rom Cinci had EUR 45 million debts. (source: