The project started in 2021 and targeted two major directions for investment and implementation: common and leasable areas.

“The entire area is now a high-performance office space, more modern, more elegant, and functional at the same time. All the new solutions implemented are energy efficient, which is a sine qua non condition for any modern building. The achieved goal of the refurbishment process was to offer to our tenants a flexible working environment, comfortable, sustainable, and accessible”, stated Ziv Gigi, General Manager GTC Romania.

City Gate, which has LEED GOLD Certification, benefited from outdoor and indoor upgrades, such as improvements of lobby, high speed Schindler elevators, and various facilities of the building operating systems. Particular interest was given to refurbishment of the main Reception area of the North Tower. Considering that the lobby gives the first impression of the building, and it is a shared space for tenants and visitors, special attention was given to the design, quality of materials, furniture, lighting, and energy efficient solutions, as well as functionality requirements.

The total amount invested in the common area was EUR 500.000, while the investment in the leasable area exceeded EUR 3 million. The money was used to refurbish entirely the units, extend the sanitary areas, implement new modern architectural concept, replace raised floors, install new carpet, ceiling tiles LED lighting and also improve the electrical and fire detection systems, creating a unitary bond between design, functionality and efficiency that balances office work with a spectacular location and view over the Herăstrău Park. The new ventilation system with 4 pipes offers thermic comfort, with 100% fresh air intake, in line with the latest COVID-related health requirements. Increased intake of natural light, but for visual comfort the sun light can be controlled by sun blinds. Also, the windows can be opened, offering natural ventilation, which can increase office productivity by up to 11% (according to US Green Building Council).

City Gate iconic complex has one of the largest parking in Bucharest – 40.000 sq m – offering access to the underground for +1.000 cars, accessible from 2 city directions. The parking ramps have de-freezing system and hydro-insulating coating system, while the access is based on plate recognition system, which eases the admission. The building offers fast chargers for electrical cars – free for all the tenants, but also showers, bike, and motorcycle special parking spaces.

City Gate tenants have access to the additional facilities in the area, such as a supermarket and other retail formats, restaurant, but also opportunities to spend time after hours or during breaks in one of the largest pedestrian green area between office buildings in Bucharest, where urban modern furniture is placed to assure relaxing and comfortable breaks.

Last year was finalized the new design for the lobby of the City Gate South Tower, following which the main entrance of the building was remodeled by creating a bright, unitary, and futuristic space. The area has become a multifunctional structure with a digital features, completed by a 37 sqm LED panel video-wall behind the reception. Large revolving doors were installed, preventing congestion, increasing the esthetical value and energy efficiency of the building.

The City Gate Complex includes two tower buildings (ground floor + 18 floors), located in Piața Presei Libere area, and has a total leasable space of 47,700 square meters. Both towers have LEED GOLD Certification, proving the GTC commitment in sustainable development, responsible construction, and asset management.

All GTC Romanian offices are powered by green energy, and in 2021 the Group reduced greenhouse gas emissions of the office buildings in Bucharest by 62 percent.