GTC’s Romanian portfolio comprises emblematic office projects situated in key areas of Bucharest: City Gate, Cascade Office Building, Premium Plaza, and Premium Point. All these buildings are now using electricity obtained from renewable sources, which is part of the Group’s sustainable reinvention of its portfolio, aiming at achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Also, GTC is the first real estate developer in Central and Eastern Europe to publish its first-ever ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) report, summarizing the Group’s 25 years of activity on six real estate markets.

“The improvements made on the Romanian portfolio certainly won’t be the last. Renewable energy sources represent the future not only in our industry but for the entire global economy and environment. Turning all our buildings green is part of our development and growth strategy. It is of utmost importance for us to consider not only our business but also at the way our activity can benefit the environment and the communities where our projects are located,” stated Ziv Gigi, Managing Director of GTC in Romania

The affordable and clean energy is one of the 10 business development goals included in GTC’s ESG Report and the company focuses on implementing the green energy sources in all its projects. Also, the climate action is a pillar of this strategy, meaning that GTC concentrates on delivering safe, durable and environmentally friendly buildings. This direction became even more important, in the past few years, in the light of the climate crisis, and a new set of improvements were made in all GTC’s projects, including those located in Romania. More of the company’s environmental strategy can be found here.


GTC Group was founded in 1994 in Poland and is a public company, listed on the Warsaw and Johannesburg Stock Exchange and one of the largest developers of commercial and office spaces in Central and South-Eastern Europe, active in six countries: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. GTC Group has a portfolio of projects valued at almost 2.3 billion euros, which includes 46 buildings and 1,300,000 square meters. The company entered the Romanian market in 1999 and has fast become one of the most important real estate developers locally, with a portfolio consisting over time of both office buildings, shopping centers, and residential complexes. The company developed and sold the emblematic America House and Europe House office buildings, located in the center of the capital, the Galleria shopping centers (Arad, Buzau, Piatra Neamț, Suceava) and the FeliCity and Rose Garden residential complexes in Bucharest.

Among the GTC projects, currently owned by the company in Romania, are the City Gate office complex (the first functional office project in Bucharest that obtained LEED GOLD certificates in 2013), Premium Plaza, Cascade Office Building, Premium Point. GTC Romania's vision is focused on the sustainability of constructions and on the transformation of the way buildings are designed, developed and managed, so as to contribute to the creation of a healthy environment and to increase the quality of life.