Mainly for the rest of the year JLL consultants estimate a decreasing trend of the basic rents, following a large offer of office space which will become available in the central business area of the city. “The financial incentives package registered a slight tendency of growing during the last 3 months, both for the numbers of free months as for the financial contributions for fitting-out works ", the JLL report mentions. 1Q 2013 brought on the market new 72,000 sq. m office space in 3 office buildings, with a pre-lease rate of 50% at the completion date. With thses new office deliveries, including Sky Tower, Floreasca Office and West Gate 5, the modern office stock in Bucharest exceeded 2 million sq. m. For the rest of 2013, the offer is estimated at 50,000 sq. m, mainly represented by a large scale project with 37,500 sq. m rentable area, whose completion is scheduled for 2Q-3Q. In addition to this, another two large projects which are currently on hold, could be finalized and increase 2013 offer with an additional 25,000 sq. m. For other small and medium area project (three buildings), the completion of works was announced as well for 2013, but their total area do not exceed 10,000 sq. m. The total un-occupancy rate (A, B &C Class office buildings) is estimated to 15.88%, while the un-occupancy rate for A&B Class is about 16.1%. The biggest un-occupancy rates are to be found in North Pipera (36.4%) and Baneasa (35.8%). The end of the year is expected to bring a decrease of the un-occupancy rate, considering the tenants interest for completed projects and a smaller rate of consolidations comparing to the last 2 years. (source: