„The 13th of May the first phase of our project’s development was completed without any delays, at the same time with the completion of the underground level. We have just finished the first floor and we are continuing at the same execution pace. We will build one floor each 10 days. “, has declared Vladimira Novakova, managing director within Green Gate. The building constructor is Bog'Art, one of the most actives entrepreneurs on this real estate segment.

The construction works for the project started in August 2012 and the building will have at its completion an approx. area of 30,000 sqm. The investment for the office complex development was estimated at EUR 55 million. 40% of the building was leased by far, with Teamnet International the main tenant, on 8,300 sqm office area.  

The project’s development uses a series of green technologies, among them the rain water recycling, sound proof façade which rejects the heat, energy efficient elevators and vertical gardens. (source: Capital.ro)