The land is located in Herastrau / Barbu Văcărescu railway station in the new Central Business District.
In total, they will allow the development of approximately 40,000 square meters of offices and commercial spaces.

The first land will host the Globalworth Square office building. After completion, scheduled for the second half of 2019, it will provide its tenants with facilities such as co-working spaces, a reception lounge, real time display screens, the Natural Light system, and an application that allows tenants to enjoy the facilities using just the mobile phone.

The second building will be located within the Green Court complex and will meet the standards of the three existing buildings, both architecturally and in terms of energy quality and efficiency. It will be completed in the course of 2020.

"The office buildings we are developing in northern Bucharest are in continuation of our mission to invest in high-quality, energy-efficient projects that promote innovation, have a positive impact on collaboration and integrate the latest technologies and tools. With an unconventional lobby, a green roof and flexible workspaces with the latest technology, Globalworth Square will become a benchmark for the business environment in the Capital, providing the guarantee of a creative workspace that encourages performance", says Ema Iftimie, Head of Leasing at Globalworth. (source: