Therefore, Iaciu intends to pay 0.16 lei/unit for the 122.57 million titles, according to the offer announcement sent on Monday to Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The price established by the bidder is 8.5% under most recent market quotation, of 0.175 lei. The company’s capitalization, according to this quotation, is 34.62 million lei (EUR 7.75 million).

The operation will take place between 26th of September and 10th of October and will be brokered by Swiss Capital.

Iaciu entered Impact in March, when the shares of the company’s founder Dan Ioan Popp and of Carmen Săndulescu were sold through foreclosure for an unpaid credit.

Then he paid 6.4 million lei (EUR 1.4 million) for 23.22% of Impact shares, but he further increased his participation buying the packages owned by a fund managed by Franklin Templeton (6.15%) and by three pension funds managed by ING (8.1%).

Iaciu is the owner of Doraly commercial centre and biggest shareholder of SIF Muntenia (SIF4).

Shareholders of Impact also include the businessman Adrian Andrici (13.8%) and the investment management company East Capital, through Salink Limited (10.1%).


Influenced by the changes within its board, the shares of Impact have strongly increased this year, with 78%, from 0.115 lei at the end of last year to a peak of 0,205 lei in the second half on August. After reaching this peak, the price has decreased with approx. 14%. (source: