The two entities, Ana Tower SRL (George Copos) and Bucharest Tower Investments (GTC) have associated back in 2011 in order to develop together the office project Ana Tower on the plot of land of 3,250 square metres in the vicinity of Crowne Plaza hotel in Bucharest, also owned by the Romanian businessman.

The office building should have been completed in 2013, according to the developers’ plan at that time, but the financial crises which hit strongly the real estate sector in Romania has postponed for years later their plans.

The tower, situated in the proximity of Piața Presei Libere Square in Bucharest was designed to include 24 floors, 30,000 square metres of offices and more than 100 metres of height.

In 2011, the plot of land was valuated to EUR 5 million, and the total investment would have reached nearly EUR 70 million, a budget which could have been partially financed by banks.

GTC is a Polish investment fund known in Bucharest for the development of the first generation of modern office buildings, including City Gate in Piața Presei Libere, Europe House and America House in Piața Victoriei.

Ana Tower, a company member of Ana Holding, was founded in 2007, as a sole purpose vehicle for the development of an A class office tower which would be the tallest building in Bucharest. (source: