Representatives of GECI Engineering Services say: "Starting January 1, 2018, the company will relocate its headquarters to the western area of the capital, in the new office building of Sema Office: Brussels. The proximity of the Petrache Poenaru Metro Station, the competitive rent, the availability of sufficient parking spaces and the vicinity of the Polytechnic University campus, are some of the reasons why I opted for the Brussels Sema Office building. "
Sema City is a mixed-development project designed for both business and retail areas, structured on three levels of addressability: Class A office buildings, commercial and leisure spaces, and residential spaces in a "shopping village" concept. The planned total built-up area is 964,800 square meters distributed as follows: 526,800 sqm for offices, 93,500 sqm for retail and 305,200 sqm for the residential sector.

Sema Office includes Class A office buildings, developed in phases:
Phase I of development:
River House - the first two office buildings with 47,000 sqm were leased from the development phase and sold to the Austrian investment fund Europolis, the current CA Immo.
Phase II of development:
The Brussels Building - 14,500 sqm was completed in 2016, and is now fully functional and almost entirely leased.
The Paris building - an area of 10,900 square meters, was delivered in November 2017, and is now fully functional and almost entirely leased.
The Berlin Building - 15,800 sqm surface, June 2018 completion deadline, under lease process.
Phase III of development:
Sema Office II - two office buildings with a total area of 38000mp rentable and 22.000mp underground (parking), deadline for completion Q4 2019.

"As we predicted earlier this year, a growing number of companies are looking for office space with added image and comfort. The very large floor area of up to 6,700 sqm, the small service charge, the strategic location, the development potential, the excellence in execution, differentiate us from the competition, placing us in the top of the customer preferences.
Following the market trend, we have achieved good results throughout the year 2017, expanding the list of collaborations with major customers such as: Praktiker (Brussels Building); Studio Moderna (Paris Building), Mega Image, "said Mr. Ion Radulea, General Manager River Development, the company that develops the Sema Office business park. (source: River Development)