On this occasion, Nooka Space introduces Nooka Cube, a brand-new office model suitable for outdoor spaces. The first unit is now open in Promenada Mall, Bucharest. With a capacity of 2 office desks, Nooka Cube is an enjoyable and intimate place to work from, fully equipped with state-of-the-art furniture and IoT integrated, allowing users to have full control over its smart features.

The modern design allows natural light to enter the space from multiple sides, while the architecture and the solid structure of the booth offer a high level of safety, shielding users from the outside weather conditions.

Besides Nooka Cube, the network of smart offices designed by Nooka Space for Nepi Rockcastle shopping malls includes other two models of office booths, namely Nooka Air and Nooka Max.

Each office booth, whether indoor or outdoor, offers a high level of privacy and the optimal conditions to work, by creating an island of silence in an open, crowded area.

Sandu Băbășan, CO Founder Nooka Space: “Innovation helps us to keep pace with changes and to meet the needs of today’s consumers who increasingly value quality services, flexibility, and solutions that enable work-life balance. Nooka Space is committed to changing the hybrid working style, by designing affordable and private office spaces enhanced by technology. We are very happy to bring this innovative infrastructure to Nepi Rockcastle shopping malls and to develop the concept of flex office spaces on demand, as a new layer of services that customers can benefit from just a click away.”

Whether used for business meetings or to work without being disturbed, having at the same time full access to all the services a shopping center has to offer, Nooka Space smart offices are specially designed to solve the need for an intimate workspace.

Marius Barbu, Asset Management Director, NEPI Rockcastle: “We are fully committed to offering the visitors of NEPI Rockcastle’s shopping centers the best experience. Until recently, a visit to the mall was primarily about the shopping and the entertainment component, but the pandemic has changed the way we work and amplified the need for flexibility. The partnership with Nooka Space is another important step we are taking to offer our customers services that meet as many of their needs as possible, from shopping to leisure, and now also the possibility to work in optimal conditions, in smart, flexible offices equipped with top technology.”

Nooka Space outdoor and indoor office booths can be found in Promenada Mall, Mega Mall, Shopping City Timisoara, Promenada Sibiu, and Shopping City Sibiu. Through the Nooka Space mobile app, any Nooka office can be managed by its users, from booking the desired time slot to customizing the working environment.

The technological infrastructure gives users full control over the office space and its functionality, allowing them to benefit from the community features.

Launched at the end of 2020, Nooka Space prop-tech start-up has the mission to create a global network of smart proximity offices and to grow a community of users, thus contributing to the sustainable development of smart cities.

At the international level, Nooka smart proximity offices are available in several residential areas, shopping centers, public spaces, and airports, in countries such Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, and France.