In April 2013 Epstein Architecture & Engineering moved its operations on the 3rd floor of the new building on Magheru Blvd. The building was opened last year, following a S+B Gruppe investment of EUR 20 million. The developer refurbished and reconverted the former between-wars building in an office building of 4,000 sq. m. Founded in 1921, in Chicago, Epstein is an architecture, interior design, engeneering and construction solutions provider, addressing to commercial, industrial and public sector. Epstein has its headquarters in Chicago, a regional office in New York and international offices in Warsaw, Poland and Romania, In Bucharest, The company is present on the Romanian market for over 7 years and has been developed projects for local and international clients such as Lufkin Industries, Cameron, Emerson, Star Foods, Petrom or WDP. "We are an architecture firm with a big interest in preserving the reference historical buildings and in sustainable development, therefore the office building Magheru One fits very well our culture” has declared Randy Tharp, Managing Director, Epstein Architecture & Engineering. (source: