“At a time when technology is more important than ever, connectivity isn’t nice to have, it’s a prerequisite. That is why we have been working with WiredScore to measure, improve and certify our digital connectivity in Equilibrium 2. We know how important is for our tenants to be able to benefit from excellent connectivity and infrastructure when they move into our building, right from the first day. The speed of change of technology always outpaces the speed of change of the digital infrastructure in a building, which is confirmed by the fact that over 70% of internet outages are caused by problems with the physical infrastructure inside buildings.

We are very proud of yet another premiere we bring to Romania in our projects: the first WiredScore certification and in top of that, with the highest certification level. ” says Bogdan Cristian Voicu, Project Manager Commercial Development Division, Skanska CEE.

WiredScore Platinum Certification confirms that Equilibrium 2 is a space full-ready equipped in terms of internet, mobile infrastructure, communication network connectivity and includes but is not limited to, a number of indicators:

Building infrastructure
-The space allocated for service provider equipment is secured with access control and dedicated to improve data security and reduce risks of accidental damage;

-There is spare capacity at the building points of entry to enable faster installation times and minimum disruption for new internet service providers;

-There is space available in the telecommunication room(s) to accommodate new internet service providers, enabling faster installation times;

-There is capacity available throughout at least one riser to enable faster installations of new connectivity service;

-Climate control in a telecommunication room is protecting tenant internet services from overheating and condensation;

-There are defined horizontal pathways on tenant floors to enable new tenant services to be run with minimum disruption.

Mobile and wireless
-There is reliable mobile performance for at least two operators in the building for tenants to connect or use as a backup internet solution;

-There is free Wi-Fi 6 or better in reception areas, lobbies, indoor/outdoor amenity spaces and car parks allows guests to remain connected at all time in the building;

-There is space on the rooftop to install fixed wireless access (FWA), satellite dishes, off-air repeaters for mobile service and other technologies.

Access Readiness
-Three or more high-speed providers have telecommunications infrastructure within the vicinity and can service tenants upon request;

-There is a standardized access agreement on file to speed up installation of new service providers.

"The certification of Equilibrium 2 positions Skanska in Romania as early adopters in a rapidly evolving market. They are also not only leading the way in Romania but also within Skanska across CEE. This forward-thinking approach means that every new development Skanska brings to the market is equipped to meet the needs of even the most advanced international tenant.” – Laura Klair, Head of CEE and Nordics at WiredScore.

WiredScore Platinum, LEED Platinum, Access4You Silver certifications and Net Zero Carbon Building pre-certification for the Equlibrium2 building are just another confirmation of the special attention paid during construction to the comfort, safety, health and connectivity of tenants.