DSV Road, the local transport division of the group, has been transformed into a distinct legal entity due to the accelerated growth and business potential in the local transport market. Thus, by 2024, DSV Road's main objectives are to reach a turnover of 100 million euros, 50% more than in 2022, and to continue implementing environmental, social and sustainable governance standards in all aspects of the business.

"Establishing a new company is a natural step in the evolution of the DSV group in Romania and part of our business strategy, considering the continued accelerated evolution in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions, of the three divisions – DSV Road, DSV Solutions and DSV Air&Sea. Each division will focus its own resources on its own segment and will have a dedicated management team, but we will continue to work together in order to offer integrated and comprehensive services and solutions, and our customers to benefit from the same expertise, professional advice and a special experience in the collaboration with DSV", says Sergiu Iordache, Managing Director of DSV Road.

At the same time, the DSV Road company will relocate its offices to a new premises, after an investment of 1 million euros in renting and fitting out. The new DSV Road headquarters is located in the AFI Park 4-5 building in the Capital, where it occupies an area of 1,400 sq m that can accommodate 100 people.

"We are delighted to announce the relocation of our offices to a new premises, a decision we have taken naturally as an important part of DSV Road's development strategy. Moving the headquarters from a peripheral area of the Capital to an area close to the city center and with numerous facilities represents a pillar in our employer branding strategy for employee retention and attracting new team members. Moreover, when we chose the new headquarters, we considered the desire of colleagues to have easy access to public transport, thus reducing the time spent in traffic from home to the office", points out Mihai Teodorescu, Country Director DSV Road.

Located near the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and commercial areas, benefiting from many options for relaxing and spending free time, the DSV Road headquarters is established in a modern workspace which meets the new standards, with various office facilities. The DSV Road team has 90 members, with an experience of 8-10 years on average in the company and an employee retention rate of over 90%, but the company is planning to expand the operations and sales departments.

Established in Romania in 1994, the DSV company, part of the Danish group DSV Global Transport & Logistics, operates in 13 cities and owns 120,000 square meters of class A logistics centers on the local market. Through the entities DSV Road, DSV Solutions and DSV Air&Sea, the company offers complete transport and logistics services, on all types of transport (road, air, sea and rail), transport services (groupage regime, delivery), multimodal services, and warehousing and fulfillment services for industries such as retail, pharma, automotive and others. DSV Romania constantly invests in the automation of business operations to make the management and distribution of goods more efficient and in the digitalization of collaboration with customers, offering the possibility of booking and tracking products in real time through the myDSV application. Also, to protect the environment, the company created the green transport division for green transport services and sustainability programs that reduce the amount of carbon emissions. In 2021, DSV reached a turnover of more than 100 million euros, increasing by 30% compared to the previous year.