The network officials declared for that the plan for this year includes the opening of 15 stores, five in each of the 3 countries where it is active. Currently the franchise has opened this year three units in Romania, in Ramnicu Valcea, Alexandria and Bucharest, and three in Slovakia (Liptovsky Mikulas, Zilina, Sala). Romanian investment will reach approx. EUR 300,000. The last two years turnover is approx. EUR 50 million. The first store in Romania was opened in April 2004, in Baia Mare. The owner of that franchise is a Hungarian investor which currently has franchises in 6 towns. The local network counts at present 22 stores. Diego sells laminated floors, carpets, curtains, accessories. currently the network counts 126 stores. The main players on the interior design market are Praktiker, Bricostore, Dedeman, Obi, Hornbach, Ambient. (source: