From the end of September, Depanero will operate in two of the buildings in the eastern area of the business park. An area of over 4,000 square meters has been reserved for the relocation of the technical, operations and customer support teams.  In the second building with street access from Splaiul Independentiei and next to the "Petrache Poenaru" metro station, the customer reception service will be provided.

In choosing the new headquarters, Depanero followed several very important criteria, closely related to the dynamic evolution of the company, both in terms of the increase in the number of repairs carried out from year to year, as well as the diversification of the services offered and the new brands entered into portfolio. The customer experience is very important for the company, therefore an essential aspect was the accessibility of the new headquarters, to which is added the flexibility of the work space, the facilities offered and, last but not least, the possibilities of expansion, depending on the future needs of the company.