The western Bucharest and the area Barbu Vacarescu-Floreasca have registered increases of the non-occupancy rate in 1Q 2013. In the West of Bucharest, the area of available premises has increased following the delivery of the H5 building in West Gate Park project, while Sky Tower had an impact of the non-occupancy rate in Floreasca. The relocations of Raifeissen and UniCredit have determined an increase of the Aviatorilor rea non-occupancy rate to 42% at the end of last year, but currently the situation got better with offices starting already to occupy in Charles de Gaulle Plaza. According to Popescu, the non-occupancy rate has decreased at half in the first months of 2013. Barbu Vacarescu-Floreasca area, where at the beginning of the year only a few percents of the rentable area were un-occupied, registered an important growth of the empty premises, considering the recent completion of Sky Tower, where about 25% are not yet occupied, according to the last data made public by the building owner. Considering this delivery, the non-occupancy rate is currently 21%, according to Colliers information. The non-occupancy rate in Piata Victoriei area is about 23%. The completion of Tower Center building is one of the factors which increased the number of vacant spaces. The tower has already a first tenant, Hidroelectrica and has several discussions with other companies. In Baneasa the vacant spaces representing 34% at the beginning of the year, while Obor-Piata Muncii area has non-occupancy rate of approx. 40%. The area attracted recently a new tenant, BitDefender, which has relocated its headquarters to DV24, the office building developed HL1 on Delea Veche St. Pipera area remains the emptiest area in Bucharest, with a percent of 52% of available premises. at the beginning of the year. . (source: