As a result of these and earlier purchases, CPIPG now owns a total of 65,250,000 Globalworth shares (29.4% of voting rights) making CPIPG the largest shareholder in Globalworth by a small margin, but still below the mandatory takeover threshold of 30%.

CPIPG does not intend to purchase more shares of Globalworth at this time, considering our existing capital structure and financial policy commitments.
“Globalworth is a superb company and CPIPG is proud to be a major shareholder and strategic investor,” said Martin Nemecek, CEO of CPIPG. “We share the strong belief that high-quality offices in major cities of the CEE region will continue to perform well.”

CPIPG believes that Globalworth has one of the best office portfolios in Poland and Romania. 
CPIPG is well-established as a leading owner of offices in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw, with an objective to grow the share of offices in the Group’s overall portfolio. (source: CPI Property Group)