Costel and Ionuţ Căşuneanu, the sons of Costel Căşuneanu, the businessman who controls the construction company Pa & Co International, have ceded last year the 25 pct share in a land of 2,700 sq. m in Unirii area, the value of the transaction reaching EUR 2.5 million, according to an announcement published in  Monitorul Oficial.


The Căşuneanu family has associated more than seven year s ago with Yves Weerts, a Belgian pilot with real estate investments in Eastern Europe, for the development of an office project on Corneliu Coposu Blvd in central Bucharest.


At that time, Costel Căşuneanu sold to the investor 75 pct. share in C & I Building company, which included in its portfolio the land and the two sons remained with 12.5 shares each. (source: