The building was designed for a capacity of up to 1,700 persons, as well as a complete testing and validation area of the products developed within the company.

"Environmentally efficient and socially accepted technologies are the key ingredients for a healthy mobility ecosystem. Zero accidents, zero emissions and zero stress, thanks to smart connectivity: this helps to achieve our innovative technologies. The IT&C engineers from the engineering center in Timișoara work on all this ", said Dr. Chistian von Albrichsfeld, Head of Country Continental Romania.

The directions in which the company carries out an intense activity aim at the development of innovative software and hardware solutions for the interior of the car, safety, engine and transmission, as well as navigation systems and tools for future cars and commercial vehicles.

“New skills are constantly needed in this industry, such as Artificial Intelligence, cloud, cybersecurity, industry 4.0, smart cities, etc., and the company is taking on a role as a technology leader. The new skills mean the development of new products, the modeling of new business models and the design of new modern concepts of collaboration and operation, respectively the achievement of an environment as appropriate and adapted to a futuristic work style. I am referring here to the creation of open spaces that allow interaction between colleagues, flexibility in how to carry out their work, opportunities to easily alternate from a work format designed to ensure the need for individual focus to a collaborative, interactive and creative, leading to new ideas that set the future in motion. Even though we are all going through a difficult period, at Continental we continue to invest in the future. We continue to offer performance, regardless of whether we are talking about the products or services offered, so we constantly identify opportunities to stay agile, this time by investing in a new building ", he added.

The total built area of the research and development center will be over 26,000 square meters. The works will be completed by April 2021. (source: