In gross series, new constructions had the lowest share in rises, going up by 10.2 percent, while capital repairs went up 15.8 percent. Current repair works showed an 11.8 percent increase.


As adjusted series, capital repairs works grew 19.3 percent, new construction works 11.5 percent and maintenance and current repairs works 9.6 percent.


Non residential buildings had the highest share in construction works increases both as gross series (15.5 percent) and as adjusted numbers (17.7 percent).


Residential buildings showed a more modest 5 percent increase as gross series, while adjusted series indicated an 11.5 percent rise.


Engineering works increased by 10.8 percent (gross series) and 2.4 percent (adjusted series).


Year on year, July 2015 saw a 15.4 percent (gross series) and a 15.2 percent (adjusted series) increase in the volume of construction works.


As gross series, capital repairs rose 21.8 percent (14.7 percent adjusted), current repairs by 15.1 percent (14.9 percent adjusted) and new construction works by 14.2 percent (14.7 percent adjusted).


By construction objects, the volume of construction works increased in non‐residential buildings by 24.4 percent gross series (25.3 percent adjusted), in engineering works by 13.6 percent (10.6 percent adjusted) and in residential buildings by 5.4 percent (8.9 percent adjusted).


Over the previous month, construction works decreased overall by 1.4 percent (gross series), highlighted by drops in maintenance and current repairs works of 3.3 percent and in new construction works of 2.8 percent. Capital repair works shoed positive results with a 10.3 percent increase.


Residential and in non‐residential buildings recorded increases in volumes of work (9.1 percent and of 3.8 percent, respectively), while engineering works dropped 6 percent.


As adjusted series there was a total increase of 1.4 percent, mainly due to rises in maintenance and current repairs works (8.7 percent) and capital repairs works (6.7 percent). New construction works, however, decreased by 1.3 percent.


By construction objects, there were rises as follows: in residential buildings 17.2 percent and in non‐residential buildings and engineering works 1.1 percent, each. (source: