In March 2013 3,049 permits were delivered, with 43.1% growth comparing to February and 3% decrease comparing to March 2012, Mediafax writes. The regional distribution shows that the number of construction permits for residential has increased all over the country. Comparing to February, the most important growths were registered in South-Muntenia (+210 permits), North-East (+133 permits), Centre (+131 permits), South-East (+123 permits) and North-West (+101 permits). In March 2013, comparing to the same period of last year, a decrease of the permits number was (-95 permits). The most relevant decreases were registered in South-East (-50 permits), North-East (-36 permits) and South-West Oltenia (-25 permits). Only two regions have registered increases, the Centre (+36 permits) and Bucharest-Ilfov (+5 permits). In 1Q 2013 there were registered almost the same number of construction permits for residential (6,873 permits) as in 1Q 2012 (6,875 permits). In three regions a growth was registered Bucharest-Ilfov (+135 permits), Centre (+84 permits) and West (+73 permits). Decrease of the number of permits was registered in North-East (-161 permits), South-East (-73 permits), South-Muntenia (-28 permits), North-West (-24 permits) and South-West (-8 permits). (source: