Thus, in July 2016, Romanian authorities issued 3,569 construction permits for residential buildings, out of which 57 percent for the rural areas.


The regions that experienced the biggest drop, as opposed to July 2015, were North-East ( – 192 permits), South-East (-71), West (-40) and Center (-4).


The regions experiencing increases were Bucharest-Ilfov (+109 permits), South-Muntenia (+31)  and North-West (+31). South-West region Oltenia issued the same number of permits as in June 2016.


Compared to June 2016, the following regions saw a drop in construction permits for residential buildings: North-East (-174), South-East (-144), Bucharest-Ilfov (-95), South-Muntenia (-91) and South-West Oltenia (-64).


The other regions experienced increases: North-West (+82 permits), Center (+56) and West (+27).


During the first seven months of 2016, Romanian authorities issued 22,016 construction permits for residential buildings, down by 1.1 percent as opposed to the same period on 2015, reflected in the following regions: Bucharest-Ilfov (-425 permits), South-East (-329), South-Muntenia (-199), South-West Oltenia (-87) and North-East (-83).


The number of construction permits increased in regions such as West (+353 permits), North-West (+334) and Center (+181). (source: