Services managers have an optimistic view of their industry, expecting growth in demand.


Manufacturing is expected to stay on a stable trail for the next three months, with a 5 percent balance increase. Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations will see a rising tendency (+28 percent), according to managers, while beverages will see a decline of about 39 percent.


Relative stability is foreseen for prices of industrial products (balance 0 percent) and for the number of employees (a 1 percent increase per total manufacture).


Retail trade is also expected to stay within the same parameters for the next three months, managers forecasting a moderate increase in the number of employees (+11 percent), a moderate decrease (‐15 percent) for the volume of orders placed and a relative stability of selling prices (+3 percent).


The business tendency survey shows construction managers estimate there will be a decrease in the production volume of the construction activity for the next three months (‐22 percent) and in the stock of contracts and orders (‐23 percent). Managers forecast a moderate decrease in the number of employees (‐11 percent). As to the prices of construction works, a relative stability is forecast (‐1 percent).


In services turnover is expected to have a moderate 10 percent growth, while the number of employees and prices are expected to stay stable (+1 percent and +2 percent respectively). (source: