On an area of around 10 acres equivalent to approximately three soccer fields, over 8,000 “made in Germany” Conergy modules installed on Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems will be producing more than 2,700 megawatt hours of clean solar electricity each year, sufficient to supply 770 households. At the same time, the Conergy power plant will prevent the emission of 1,400 tonnes of damaging CO2, corresponding to the annual emissions of around 700 cars. “The Romanian solar market has great growth potential for the future, and the government has set ambitious targets for the expansion of renewable energies,” said Conergy Board Member Alexander The owners of the 2 megawatt Conergy power plant will be receiving 16,200 green certificates each year for the annual production of around 2,700 megawatt hours and thus a total of 243,000 over 15 years. When the certificates are traded, the market prices per certificate are fixed until 2025 in a range between € 27 and € 55. The power plant operators thus sell their electricity and in addition receive income from trading the green certificates, ranging in the case of the 2 MW Conergy plant from € 6.6m to € 13.4m over the period of 15 years. (source: Conergy)