With extensive experience in asset, property, facility, and project management services, as well as in the operation of office and industrial buildings, Alexandru Atanasiu aims to support the long-term growth of all Colliers Construction’s business lines: project management, design & build, monitoring, and technical due diligence, BOMA, and IPMS surveys.

The Colliers team ended 2023 with a portfolio of over 17,000 square meters of office space for which it provided project management and general contracting services, and a portfolio of over 700,000 square meters for which it provided phase monitoring and bank draw approval services.

Over the past two years, Colliers has managed budgets exceeding 10 million euro for office fit-out services and has reviewed construction works exceeding 160 million euro for monitoring projects and other consultancy services.

“This promotion is an important step in my career and in the development of technical services under the Colliers umbrella. The vision of this mandate is to facilitate access to comprehensive and integrated solutions, to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality for every project in our portfolio. Our aim is to become a major player in this area of business: general contracting and construction services and consultancy, after the last few years in which I have developed the Asset and Property Management team together with my colleagues, and we are now market leaders in the office sector. With all this technical, operational, and commercial experience, we will strategically focus on generating long-term benefits, optimizing the execution, and maximizing the quality of projects, developing and strengthening relationships with our clients and collaborators, as well as organically developing our internal team of specialists and their expertise”, says Alexandru Atanasiu, Board Member & Head of Construction Services at Colliers.

With a career spanning over 18 years, Alexandru Atanasiu has spent the last 12 years developing extensive experience in commercial, operational, and technical consultancy in the fields of real estate, facilities, property, and asset management. He has built teams and worked with them to manage significant facility issues and identify appropriate methodologies for their technical and commercial improvement. Additionally, he has developed project management skills with a multidisciplinary approach and has collaborated with colleagues to oversee supplier contracts worth over 30 million euro annually.