"The young generation doesn’t want only to work. We could avoid this way the crowded traffic at the end of the working day if in those areas mixed-use projects will be developed, with cinema and retail areas.  Therefore, the authorities should consider these tendencies when drawing the Urban Plans", has declared Ilinca Paun during a conference having as theme the cities of the future, according to Mediafax.

"We easily imitate, so Romania is not bad comparing to other countries in the region from this point of view. There is no developer on the market not being interesting to have a green certified project in order to insure that there will be an investor out there buying the projects at their completion she added.

During the same event, Radu Merica, the president of the Romanian –German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania), said that the environment where people live is the most important: "As far as I see, there are many people thinking about how the cities of the future will look like. We could say that the financial situation is the decisive factor for the quality of life. I believe that the environment where we live, the school, the park, the hospital, the local football club, the safety of tomorrow, the job are more important than the financial situation", said Marica. (source: dailybusiness.ro)