Most of this type of space is available in Bucharest, with a total area of over 28,000 sq. m GLA, almost 84% of the total co-working space available in the country. The largest stock of such spaces was delivered in 2012.

Until now, in 2017, 3,130 square meters of shared office space were delivered, of which 2,500 sqm in Bucharest, 300 sqm in Timisoara, 260 sqm in Cluj-Napoca and approximately 100 sq m in Brasov. Most developers are local entrepreneurs, with some big international players like Regus.

The IT & C industry is the most common in this type of space, start-ups and freelancers occupying most of the available hubs, followed by independent editorialists, bloggers and artists.

In view of the growing IT sector contribution to Romania's GDP and the global trends that encourage start-up small businesses and independent activities, Crosspoint specialists are of the opinion that the stock of co-working spaces will gradually increase in the next years.

Spaces can be rented daily, for a month or a few months, and come equipped with basic equipment to run a small business such as copiers, printers, air conditioning, secretarial services, offices, wardrobes, fully equipped kitchens, automatic coffee, being an affordable alternative for small businesses at the beginning.
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