The two cities – the “capital” of Ardeal region and Banat region respectively – entered the office developers attention as well, who hope a business environment development in those cities on the model of secondary cities in Poland.

Cluj and Timişoara have exceeded in the last years the milestone of the 10,000 sq. m modern offices built, reaching the level of the office stock in Bucharest in the period 2000-2001, while the market in these cities continues to develop, considering the multinational companies and the local entrepreneurs which extend their activities in the two cities.

The businessman Ovidiu Şandor, who developed the biggest business park in Timişoara - City Business Center, including four buildings with a rentable are of 35,000 sq. m – started this February the works for 19,000 sq. m building in Cluj, together with South-Africa’s NEPI, the investment fund which bought the project in Timişoara. (source: