According to the mayor, the district will be developed in short time and the price of a unit will be below EUR 30,000.

'Next year, on 9th of March, the construction for the youth residential district will start. We didn’t want to make this new action public until we had the certitude that everything is spick and span. The district will be developed by the Chinese. This means it will be very fast and also financed by them. The apartment’s price will be below EUR 30,000, between EUR 22,000 and EUR 30,000', has declared Lia Olguţa Vasilescu, according to a release sent to Agerpres.


According to the source, next year will also start the construction of the new 'Ion Oblemenco' arena in Craiova, as well as of the highway Craiova-Piteşti. (source: