Yet the head of state underscores that “the latest developments in Parliament, in which certain requests have been rejected, don’t (…) help at all”.


“Romania has set this goal for a long time, only it didn’t happen for various reasons related to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and other things. I have discussed these matters with important leaders I met over these 100 days and I can tell you I have a moderate optimism. There are chances, but not certainties, that these matters can be solved in the near future, however — I must tell you there is a ‘however’ — the latest developments in Parliament in which certain requests (of the judiciary) were rejected don’t help us at all,” Iohannis told on Tuesday a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace.


When asked if he supported the lifting of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Romania, the head of state mentioned he had always supported this matter.


“I have discussed this topic and Brussels joins the conviction that the CVM must conclude during this mandate of the European Commission. The Mechanism will be petered out gradually (…) not at once, but in several stages and I am quite optimistic in this respect that this is how it will happen,” the president said. (source: