With this new expansion, the west wing of Electroputere Parc reaches a total capacity of approximately 2,000 employees who can work in class A office spaces. The new offices are already rented by companies such as Ubisoft (the French leader in the video game industry) and Operative Media, and the office spaces inaugurated at the end of last year are occupied by Hella, the German leader specialized in lighting and electronic systems for the automotive industry with multinational activities. Overall, the occupancy rate of the offices in the two mixed buildings is over 65% and is expected to increase rapidly.

„At Catinvest, our goal is to permanently develop Electroputere Parc, offering the locals and local businesses an extremely well-positioned and very accessible hub for professional and shopping activities. With the opening of the second building with class A office and retail spaces, we consolidate the leading position of Electroputere Parc in the Oltenia region and the role of major supplier of mixed real estate in the region. Despite the challenging times we all continue to face, we see significant interest from retail and office tenants, amid the need for people and companies to return to normal as soon as possible",  said Jibril Semour, general manager of Catinvest Eastern Europe.

"We are happy to be able to move our studio to this dynamic area of Craiova, in a new home perfect for the creativity and passion of our teams. The partnership with Catinvest will allow us to provide the best facilities for all our colleagues there and to further develop Ubisoft Craiova into a destination for young talent in the city ", said Cristian Pană, Managing Director of Ubisoft Romania and Serbia.

"Operative focuses on providing advanced technology solutions for the world's largest media companies. Thanks to Catinvest, we now have the opportunity to expand the footprint of employees in Craiova, capitalizing on this new modern office space. We are dedicated to creating productive and collaborative work environments for employees, while focusing on safety and flexibility. As more and more employees return to work in the coming months, we are excited to offer them facilities at the highest standards in an accessible part of the city”, said Lorne Brown, CEO of Operative.

In addition to this new mixed-use building, construction work for another extension of Electroputere Mall is also underway at full capacity. This new expansion, to be completed by March 2022, will bring about 5,500 square meters of retail, as well as 1,000 square meters of outdoor terrace for restaurants.

Furthermore, the development plans include retail spaces, offices and other services such as co-working or aparthotel spaces, with a total investment budget of almost 60 million euros over the next 2-3 years, contributing to the development of the region.

"We are a family company with a long-term perspective, which gives us the opportunity to continue investing in our projects even in difficult contexts. Electroputere Parc is already a regional reference center and benefits from the best location in the city. I am committed to further developing this exceptional asset to better meet customer needs”, said Bertrand Catteau, President of Catinvest Group.

The French real estate group Catinvest, which owns and manages Electroputere Parc, also owns and manages several other shopping centers in Romania - the Carrefour Orhideea and Cora Pantelimon shopping galleries in Bucharest and Carrefour TOM in Constanța - as well as in Eastern Europe - Auchan Savoya Park in Budapest and Tesco Borska Pole in Plzen. Catinvest also operates on the residential and commercial market in France. In total, Catinvest owns and manages over 500,000 square meters of space in France and Eastern Europe.