These new stores will be opened in the commercial projects developed by NEPI in Târgu-Jiu, Timişoara and the districts Pantelimon and Rahova in Bucharest, and in 2016 Carrefour will also open a hypermarket near Obor market in Bucharest, where it has rented a space in the commercial centre to be opened on the former Prodplast platform.



„We stood only apparently in stand-by in the last years, as we have worked even three years for these projects that started to materialize. There is potential for hypermarkets, especially in Bucharest and we will continue to expand in the areas where we are not yet present “, has declared for ZF Anca Damour, managing director of Carrefour Property.


Carrefour currently has a network of 25 hypermarkets, having opened only six new units and closed two underperforming stores. (source: