Capital Economics estimated for last year an inflation of 1.1 in Romania. The National Institute for Statistics announced on Tuesday that the consumption price dropped in December by0.1% against November as the non-food goods got cheaper by 0.5% and some prices easily higher for services and foods, so that the annual rate of inflation dropped at 0.83%, a minimum record.


The BNR governor Mugur Isarescu reiterated last week that the rate of inflation will be for several months under the level targeted by BNR, the prognosis being different from the previous estimates mainly due to the drop under the anticipations of the oil price.


 For next year, the projection for the rate of inflation in Romania is 1.8%, under the expectations of the market of 2.9%. According to the analysts from Capital Economics, Bulgaria and Croatia are the countries which bring much worry, due to the huge debts and the fixed rated of foreign currency rate. Thus, the economists estimate a drop of the prices this year by 0.3% in Bulgaria and by 0.5% in Croatia. (source: