The rental transaction was brokered by the Colliers International real estate consultancy.

Present on the local market in 2010, the Cantine restaurant chain has three spaces in Bucharest.The investment in the new restaurant hosted by Iride Business Park amounts to 350,000 euros and follows the trend of expanding the retail component by office developers to create a lifestyle pole, an evening or weekend destination for tenants. As a result of these dynamics, the food segment requires greater attention from the point of view of diversity, the quality of the offered menu, the average price and, most importantly, the atmosphere.

"The Cantine restaurant chain overrides the classic" self service "concept and, with a special concept, goes into the pub or restaurant area, offering the possibility of organizing corporate or private events. In fact, life does not start until after 18:00, and then why not be with drinks after work or a book launch right in the office building where you work? ", said Venera Maria Munjev, Senior Associate Retail Services Colliers International.

Iride Business Park is located in northern Bucharest, in one of the most developed administrative and business areas. The complex offers good visibility, flexible office areas and generous parking.

"Over time, retail space around office buildings has grown rapidly, in line with the ever-changing demands of consumers in these buildings. IMMOFINANZ is one of the owners taking into consideration both the alternative components that can increase the attractiveness of the business area and the value of the projects so that employees benefit from the most diversified services. Whether we are talking about restaurants offering daily lunch to tenants or other complementary services - medical, leisure, body care, financial services and even kindergartens - office building owners are open to any type of activity that brings added value to the project", concluded Venera Maria Munjev. (source: Colliers)