“Pam Consult Consortium presents at the National Real Estate Fair – tIMOn, a new project at a very low price. It is a social housing assembly made from containers, which will comprise 100 two room apartments and will be structured on five floors. Whereas the average consumption in Romania is 180 kWh / sqm per year, the housing assembly developed by Pam Consult Consortium will be within about 80 kWh / sqm / year, the difference being strongly felt in tenants’ energy costs. Each apartment will have about 27 square meters and the building will also have an elevator,” reads a tIMOn press release quoted by Mediafax.


The price for an apartment is EUR 12,000, so that the entire assembly is worth EUR 1.2 million. The building will have an area of 3,200 square meters and can accommodate about 350 people.


“The container housing, although a new concept in Romania, had a resounding success on the international market. Among their many benefits there are the durability, fire resistance and the low maintenance costs. An important advantage of the container housing is that they participate in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet. Basically, they are built by reusing the obsolete containers from the shipping vessels, and most of the construction materials used are recyclable,” says the quoted source.


The project is presented at tIMOn, taking place on April 16-19 in Bucharest’s Constitution Square. (source: business-review.eu)