Bucharest office market had massive loss in 2012 on the background of Europe’s economic crisis, with the office request decreasing, as companies reduced their operational costs. Despite the market conditions and due to the lack of high quality offices and new developments ‘deficiency, basic rents in Bucharest have registered however a raise in 2012. In 2012 100,000 office GLA was delivered, with a 5.5% growth from the beginning of the year. Most of the offices are in the northern Bucharest – Barbu Vacarescu, Dimitrie Pompeiu and Pipera, according to Andrei Birsan, Cushman & Wakefield Romania’s Office Department Director. Non - occupancy degree of the office market registered a slight increase last year, reaching approximately 14.5%. A slight increase was also registered in the level of rents, with 18-20 euros/sqm/month in central Bucharest and 10-12 euros/sqm/month in secondary areas. The rent level remained stable for the biggest cities in Romania compared to 2011, as delivering of new projects was slow., with 10-12 euros/sqm/month in the centre and 6-8 euros/sqm/month in the secondary areas. (source: dailybusiness.ro)