Esop has analysed 528 office offers available on its portal and made a top of the areas according rent levels.

The cheapest office spaces according the average monthly rent are in the East (EUR 7.69/sqm/month), followed by the south (EUR 8.28/sqm/month) and West (EUR 10.02/sqm/month). In the centre-northern Bucharest, the average monthly rent is EUR 12.9/sqm, a level close to the downtown level (of EUR 12.4/sqm/month).

Between the prices for the office villas and office buildings there are difference up to EUR 2.4/sqm/month, for the similar area offers. Therefore, the average rent in Bucharest for the offices in business centres is EUR 11.46/sqm/month and for the offices in villas is EUR 10.01/sam/month.

"The last three years, the most visited section of offers constantly was the one of office spaces with rents between EUR 7 and EUR 11/sqm/month. From the total visits of office spaces grouped on budget categories, the section EUR 7-11/sqm/month had 62%, while the sections EUR 12-15/sqm/month had 27% and the section over EUR 15/sqm only 11", has declared in a press release Mirela Raicu, partner & business development manager of the online platform.

Rents for villas are smaller than for the office buildings, with percentages that vary a lot from one zone to another. The analyse of Esop shows that between the average rent of villas and of the office buildings there is a difference of only EUR 0.1/sqm/month, while for the centre-northern area the difference is EUR 2.46/sqm/month.

Offices in villas in downtown Bucharest have an average rent of EUR 11.2/sqm/month, while the office buildings from the same area are on average EUR 1.6/sqm/month more expensive, with an average rent of EUR 12.82/sqm/month.

At the same time, the listing in the top is different for the office villas than the office buildings. The cheapest offices in villas are in the North, followed by the South and East.

"Although especially the local companies were the most cautious in budgeting the office rents, choosing competitive solutions for their quarters, the foreign companies were not generous too. So the traffic outside Romania registered from countries such as the US, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria over 47% of the visitors were interested in office spaces with budgets between EUR 7 and EUR 11/sqm ", Raicu added. (source: