From a total of 124 transactions, 107 were relocations, totalizing 66,089 sqm, which represents 58% from the total rented area in the first 6 months.

Considering the entire market, from the total of 66,089 sqm relocation transactions, approx. 14,279 sqm were generated by “new request” in the market, a share of approx. 21%.

Office transactions with areas smaller than 1,000 sqm represented 40% of the total rented area, with 1% bigger than the share of the transactions between 1,000-3,000 sqm.

The two segments represent together 79% from the rented area in Bucharest, in the first semester of 2013. The smallest share was registered by the segment of the transactions over 3,000sqm, representing only 21%.

In the first semester 107 relocation deals were signed, while the similar period of last year registered 92 transactions. The most dynamic sector of the relocations was the rents in existing buildings, while the expansions and the pre-leases have decreased.

The renegotiations had a growing evolution, both as number and as total area. If the first semester of 2012 registered 10 renegotiations, on a total of 17,440 sqm, this year, the first semester 17 tenants agreed with their landlords for an extension of the lease, their areas totalizing 37,361 sqm. The share of renegotiations in the total office market deals was 36%.

Only 1% of the total transactions represented extensions in the existing buildings, registering a decrease compared to the similar period in 2012 (14,326 sqm).


Most of the clients needing bigger space have chosen to relocate instead of extending their premises in the existing building.  (sursa: