The occupancy costs of the office spaces in Bucharest situates at EUR 23.25/sqm/month, considering also the average rent diminution for the analysed period with 7.7% to EUR 18/sqm/month. The occupancy costs also includes the amount a company is due for services and maintenance.

The biggest decrease of the office occupancy costs was registered in Singapore (16.3%), followed by de Guadalajara (16.1%), Valencia, Porto and Sao Paolo.

Bucharest is the only SEE city from included in Top 15 cities with biggest office occupancy cost cuts.

Except for Bratislava, where the rents reduced with 5.9% to EUR 16/sqm/month and the total occupancy cost with 4.2% to EUR 25.47/sqm/month, the other capitals in the regions have registered constant values or increases.

In Prague, the rents maintained to EUR 21/sqm/month and the total cost increased with 1.4% to EUR 33.2/sqm/month while the offices in Warsaw are leased with EUR 27/sqm/month, the total cost reaching EUR 37/sqm/month, the same values as last year.

No change was registered for the office rents and total occupancy costs in Sofia (EUR 13/sqm/month and EUR 18.18/sqm/month respectively) and Budapest (EUR 20/sqm/month and EUR 26.89/sqm/month respectively)

The biggest growth of the monthly costs a company should pay for an office square metre was registered in Jakarta (Indonesia), with an approx. 40% increase.

The most expensive office market in the world maintains the central area of Hong Kong, followed by the London’s West End, Beijing and New Delhi. (source: